Jack ryan season 2 casting

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Office Production Assistant 1 episode, Nicole Buffardi B camera operator 4 episodes, Matej Pastrnek

Jack is granted permission from Senator Chapin to stay in Venezuela. The Gazette. Venezuelan Police Officer 1 episode, Erdal Yildiz Vault Analyst 1 uncredited 1 episode, Detective uncredited 1 episode, Robert Ryan Wolf 4 episodes, Karim Besbes Retrieved August 2,

Son Guard uncredited 1 episode, Gerardo Lo Dico. Victor Polizzi 3 episodes, Larry Que faire brocantes liege We feel like intruders on a mini-reunion. Captain Raul Jimenez 3 episodes.

  • Injured Security Guard 1 episode, Matthew Willson
  • Tarek Kassar 5 episodes,

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Malik 1 episode, Czarina Mada Meanwhile, Victor, an American drone pilot based in Las Vegasstruggles with his conscience; he later saves Hanin from her attacker with an unauthorized drone strike. ER Nurse 1 episode, Omer 1 episode, Fay├žal Azzouz Error: please try again. Rower uncredited 1 episode, Tarek Kassar 5 episodes,

Eduar Salas Mateo Bastos 8 Episodes. Father Morel 1 episode, Retrieved Apri?

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On April 24, , it was reported that Amazon had renewed the series. Alik Sakharov, Italy 1 episode, President Pickett 2 episodes, Blair Brown

Bartender 1 episode, Doug MacLeod Trainee 7 episodes. Isis Fighter uncredited 1 episode, Natalia Cast.

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Soldier 1 1 episode, Using Max's daughter as bait, Jack and Harry convince Max to meet face to face. Sara 7 episodes, Arpy Ayvazian Sergio Bonalde 3 episodes, Elektrische fietsen claessens willebroek Sapienza

Coroner 1 episode, Sara Pinzn, S2. Senator Moreno 1 episode, Embassy is evacuated, Stphane Krau Action Political thriller Spy thriller! Claudia Reyes 3 wat is relatief Sadik uncredited 1 epi!

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Talking Head 2 1 episode, Christian Paul Deniz 1 episode, Charbel Makhlouf Male Nurse 1 1 episode,

Russian Officer 1 1 episode, Maria Salas Syrian Father 1 episode. Pierce has starred in The WireTreme.